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SD DVB-T (H.264/ MPEG4)

stb8032 MiNi SD DVB-T

stb8032 MiNi SD DVB-T
MiNi SD DVB-T 1.Support time shift




• Receiving frequency:117.5-862MHz
• MPEG4 H.264 DVB-T compliant
• Support EPG
• Support Teletext(DVB Et300472)
• Support Multi language OSD
• Support PVR(Timing recording and programmed recording)
• Support time shift
• Multimedia player:ogg,mp3,vma,mpg,dat,vod,avi,jpg,gif,bmp
• Fully comply to eu power consumption requirements
• Size: 152x84.5x25.5mm(LxWxH)

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